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The Peaches

10,000 unique non-fungible-tokens built on Solana

The Peaches is a non-fungible-token (NFT) project that provides a collection of 10,000 unique profile pictures (PFP) built on the Solana Blockchain. The collection will provide rarity traits and accessories, and will subsequently be available to trade on the secondary-market.

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1 / CC0 & MagicEden Launch

Peaches are proud to announce our partnership with Magic Eden for the launch of the NFT Collection.

Your Peaches and distributed with full commercial rights. This allows for you to build a brand behind your NFT, and gives you access to use your Peaches for any commercial activity, as well as for pfp use. This should be industry standard, and at The Peaches we’re making this happen

2 / Merchandise Release

Here at Peaches, we’re much more than just NFTs, and we love our pets. We’ve partnered with a Luxury pet clothing brand as we’ll be distributing pet clothing to Peaches top holders. This is the first of its kind, the first-ever Luxury pet merchandise and clothing blockchain store. If you’re not a pet owner, or a top Peaches holder, don’t worry, these benefits will be available on the public domain shortly after launch and we'll also be providing human merchandise

3 / Collection Spin-Off

Following the launch of The Peaches NFT Collection we’ll be initiating the design of a spin-off NFT Collection. These designs will be community driven from feedback provided directly by our already engaged community as their feedback matters most!

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The Peaches Mint


Merch Launch


Collection Spin-Off

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